Excellent Projects
 ●Shanghai Chengdu Road Flyover Bid Section 2.1:
The bid section is a curve amplitude section linking with Nanpu Bridge which features complicated alignments and variable pile caps, columns and lid beams, requiring high workmanship,
 ●Shanghai Chengdu Road Flyover Bid Section 7:
 The project won Luban Award.
 ●Zhangyang Road Bid Section 15:
  The project sits in Pudong New District and is renowned for China’s first urban road with embedded utility tunnels.
 ●Yan’an West Road Flyover Bid Section 2.2:
 The project is recognized as one of Shanghai key projects and won Shanghai Municipal Engineering Gold Award and Luban Award.
 ●Humin Road Flyover Bid Section 1.1:
 The projects is renowned for one of China 8th National Games supporting projects and our company succeeded in completing the project by overcoming difficulties such as high workmanship and tight deadline and provided support for China 8th National Games.
 ●Shanghai-Jiading Expressway Nanxiang Section:
 ●Ningbo Century Avenue:
  The project is recognized as one of Ningbo key projects.
 ● Dongqian Lake Landscape Project:
 ●Guangzhou Wushan Road (Yuehan Road-Huijing North Road Section):
The project costs RMB 145,700,900.
 ●Ningbo Tongtu Road Bridge: