Excellent Projects
 ●Shanghai World Expo Axis "Sunshine Valley”:
  Shanghai World Expo Axis "Sunshine Valley”
 ●2010 World Expo Coca-cola Corporate Pavilion:
  2010 World Expo Coca-cola Corporate Pavilion
 ●2010 World Expo Israel Pavilion :
  2010 World Expo Israel Pavilion
 ●Hangzhou International Airport Terminal:
  The project is recognized as Zhejiang Provincial NO.1 Key Project and won National Quality Project “Luban Award”
 ●Hangzhou Grand Theatre:
  The Project is recognized as one of Zhejiang Provincial Key Projects and is repute to be a landmark building (Effect Drawing)
 ●Shanghai Yingqixing Indoor Skiing Site:
  Shanghai Yingqixing Indoor Skiing Site:
 ●Shanghai Yingqixing Indoor Skiing Site:
 ●Ningbo Cixi Stadium:
 ●Ningbo Yingzhou Stadium:
 ●Suzhou Sports Center Swimming Pool: