Excellent Projects
 ●China•Yangzhou Core Pacific Living City:
Sitting in the center of new city west part (new city center) and covering a total area of 2,060 mu (1mu=666.7 square meters), the project is a large comprehensive community integrating business, living space, entertainment, leisure, education and so on.
 ●New Hualian Mansion:
 The project sits on Shanghai Huaihai Road middle section, consists of a 26-storeyed cross-street building and a 24-storeyed cross-street building and covers a total area of 556,900 square meters. It won Shanghai Baiyulan Award.
 ●Hangzhou World Trade Center Project Phase Ⅱ:
  The project is a five-star hotel.
 ●Zhejiang Howard Johnson Oriental Hotel:
  The project is a four-star hotel with B1and B2 floors and 24 ground floors and covers an area of 36, 000 square meters.
 ●Grand Youyou Hotel New Building:
  The project is a four-star hotel with a building area of 36,000 square meters and sits nearby Shanghai Pudong New Area Nanpu Bridge.
 ●Eastern Silk Mansion (Itokin Fashion Plaza):
 The project sits on Nanjing East Road and is one of top ten renovation projects on Nanjing Road
 ●Fudan University Academic Exchange Center:
  The project is a five-star hotel with a building area of 38,525 square meters and won Shanghai Baiyulan Award.