Excellent Projects
 ● Fortune Plaza Chengdu Aux:
  The project covers a total building area of 56 square meters and is reputed to be a 30-storeyed landmark building in Chengdu City.
 ● Hainan Sanya Scenery Coast Resort:
  The project consists of eight high-rise buildings and resort hotel and covers a building area of 380,000 square meters.
 ● Feng Jing Bay Residential Neighborhood:
  The project won the honorary title such as Shanghai Quality Structure Award, Shanghai Baiyulan Award, Shanghai Baiyulan Quality Demonstration Projects and National User Satisfied Projects.
 ● Mingri Xingcheng Town:
  The project covers a building area of 500,000 square meters and is recognized as one of Shanghai Top 10 Buildings, which won Shanghai Quality Structure Award and Pujiang Cup.
 ● Vanke City Garden:
  The project is a famous residential neighborhood and Area 12 won Shanghai Baiyulan Award.
 ● Sundiro Sanya Impression Residential Neighborhood:
  The project sits in Sanya, Hainan, covers an area of 53,000 square meters and consists of B1 floor and 18 ground floors.
 ● Cosco City Project Ⅳ Bid Section 19 :
   The project covers an area of 60,627 square meters and won Shanghai Baiyulan Award.
 ● Wanzhao Bilinwan Residential Area Project Phase Ⅱ:
   The project won Shanghai Baiyulan Award.
 ● Majestic Garden:
The project sits in Sanya, Hainan and our company constructed 260,000 square meters.