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Our Company Ranking 84th on “Forbes” China’s Top Enterprises 2007

Number of visits: Date:2007年10月28日 18:10

    On August 3, 2007, the world-famoust business magazine “Forbes” Chinese version releases 2007 “China’s Top Enterprises List”. This is its second investigation on large-scale non-state-owned enterprises and 100 sample enterprises which take account of expanding and strengthening simultaneously are introduced to its readers, where Our Company ranks 84th.

    The candidates of “China’s Top Enterprises List” this year are still those whose sales exceed three billion yuan in 2006 and whose main business are in China Mainland, including listed and non-listed companies. Five hundred candidates have been investigated. The list-maker Liu Ruiming said that for those large-scale enterprises, “Forbes” did not only attach importance to their assets and sale scales and their growing speed, but also their capability of agelong operation and continuous profiting, which was more significant. Therefore, “Forbes” Chinese version has made integrated appraisal on the candidates at five aspects and adjusted according to their scale.

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