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Company getting an order of 10billion Yuan set the highest record in contract value among Zhejiang corporation monomers

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    On August 6th, our company signed a general contract of design and construction named “Shenyang Regent Asian-Pacific Center”, the amount of which reached 10 billion yuan, with Shenyang Changfeng Real Estate Development Company Limited in The Regent Shanghai, situated in Shanghai Western Yan’an Road.
     Built by Shenyang Changfeng Real Estate Development Company Limited, Shenyang Regent Asian-Pacific Center has a total investment of 26billion yuan. It has a construction area of over 5million sqms, among which the commercial area is 3.6million sqms, 3floors underground, 3 floors , roof garden and several top tier towers on the ground. The aim of this project is to cherish field, gather business, share traffic, build landmark and anticipate the life.


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