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Hangzhou Dadi Rack Manufacturing Corporation of LongYuan Construction built strategic cooperative relationships with Alstom

Number of visits: Date:2010年8月15日 18:21

On April 18th, Hangzhou Dadi Rack Manufacturing Corporation signed a confidential contract with Alstom, a future global 500, on steel structure and non-standard equipment manufacture and built strategic cooperative relationship with each other.
President of Energy and Environment Global Purchase Department of Alstom arrived at Hangzhou Dadi Rack Manufacturing Corporation at midday.Two parties reached an amicable and confidential agreement through coordination, and Hangzhou Dadi Rack Manufacturing Corporation was on the global supplier list by Alstom.Then, under the leadership of General Manager He Jianming, Alstom representatives respectively visited three factories of company.Throughout the inspection, Vice general manager Wu Jinfu introduced the existing facilities and production status to guests in detail.Alstom representatives carefully examined the product components under construction and took detailed notes in the course of manufacturing.
After the inspection, General Manager He Jianming showed his desire to Alstom representatives that both parties could keep favorable and cooperative relationship so as to promote mutual amicable and accord development.

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