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Saudi Arabian Customers Inspecting Our Company

Number of visits: Date:2007年7月28日 18:13

    On April 26, Naif Marzouk Al Ziady, General Manager of Saudi Arabian Al Ziady Trade and Contracting Company, along with two others, visited Our Company for inspection. After hearing the introduction of Our Company’s general situation, they showed their admiration for the carving-out spirit of Lai Zhenyuan, our Board Chaiman, and also their full trust in this brand, Long Yuan. Mr. Naif Marzouk Al Ziady said: Saudi Arab was the largest construction market of the Mid-east region, attracting construction enterprises marching there all over the world. By means of our influence in Mid-east region especially in Saudi Arab, with human resource and technical advantage of Long Yuan, we had confidence in the victory of Saudi Arabian market occupation. Chairman Lai answered, “We are willing to cooperate with you. The result of the cooperation is destined to be mutual benefit.”

    After the meeting, the customers visited our site of Cross-Ocean Square. They appreciated project quality and management of Long Yuan, and again invited construction team of Long Yuan to develop Saudi Arabian market as soon as possible.

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