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On March, several overseas companies came for inspection

Number of visits: Date:2010年8月15日 18:20

    As the external credibility of Group Company expanded continuously, more and more overseas companies came to our group for inspection:


Jin Chengmo et al, the purchasing department agents of South Korea STX Dalian Shipbuilding Company came to our group company for inspection.

Five people, including SAEED AL SUWAIDI, President of UAE BIN JABR Group Company and MOHAMED S. AL SUWAIDI, vice-chairman of Real Estate Department, made a six-day inspection for our group company. They inspected projects’ sites in construction of Park-place and Central Plaza, and subsidiaries like Anhui Cement Plant, Xin’an Curtain Wall, Dadi Steel Plate and so on. This picture was an exploratory paragraph in Anhui Cement Plant.

Mr. Rami Fattal of Saudi Arabi EED Group came to our group for inspection.

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