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Company won a tender for Siemens Eastern China Headquarter

Number of visits: Date:2011年8月15日 18:18

    On March 10th, there was an announcement that company won a tender for SCS(first-stage construction) and also for the Siemens( China) company’s Eastern China Headquarter, whose award cost was RMB379, 524,661, with a construction area of 49,286 square meters and duration of 480 calendar days. This project was situated next to Dalian Road and Changyang Road of Shanghai Yangpu District.
    Siemens is a fortune global 500, whose Eastern China area has covered Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi. More than half of operating companies and about two-thirds of staff of Siemens concentrated in this place, which played an extremely important and strategic role on business in China.
     Company would achieve LEED gold certification from United States Green Building Council for this Headquarter in Eastern China in respect of project quality. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Building Rating System, having been set up and carried out by United States Green Building Council, LEEDTM for short in the world, is by far considered as the most perfect and influential rating standard among all kinds of construction standards, such as environmental design, Green Building and persistence rating standards. From now on, company would gradually enlarge the amount of construction techniques in pro-environmental, energy-saving and environmental aspects when taking over any business so that LongYuan brand would receive greater advantages in the future market competition both home and abroad.

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