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Expert Group of Ministry of Construction visited the Guangjiao Affordable Housing Project of Guangdong Branch

Writer:Meng Zhe LiNumber of visits: Date:2011年10月10日 15:38

    Since July 2011, the national safety situation of construction works is grim. There occured 2 consecutive catastrophic accidents in July. Therefore, Ministry of Construction expanded the scope of the national examination. Besides, affordable housing, urban rail transit and municipal road and bridge are the focuses of the selective examination.
    On 29th August, National construction engineering quality and safety and building market supervision and law enforcement inspection team came to inspect the work in Guangdong Branch Guangjiao affordable housing site. This project commenced since June, and everything went smoothly under the leadership of the Owner and Supervisor. At present, 10 blocks were completed up to the 8th floor and 9 blocks up to the 6th floor.
    This time, there are about 100 people present in the site. The expert group is divided into two groups: one checking the information within the industry, including Party A project development information, design, construction plans of survey, supervision monitoring data, information construction unit, the other checking the on-site quality and safety condition, including the quality of concrete, strength, appearance, size, information during steel’s entry, etc., while security includes external frame, limb protection and temporary power. All inspection results have obtain good reputation from expert group.
    On 30th August, 2011 National construction engineering quality and safety and building market supervision and law enforcement inspection cum in the construction of urban rail traffic engineering quality and safety supervision feedback forum was held. Vice Minister of Construction Guo Yunchong, together with Director of Guangdong Construction Department Fang Qingfang, Vice Director Li Xinjian, Director of the Market Dept. Wu Huijuan and all related parties were present. Guangjiao affordable housing project leader Lai Ankang, on behalf of the company, also attended the meeting. Inspection team carried out the inspection report of Guangdong Province (Guangzhou, Foshan and Dongguan), in which they issued law enforcement submissions for 2 projects, while expressing their support to the positive results made by affordable housing projects.

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