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Shanghai and Ningbo Chamber of Commerce organized together to go to Malaysia for inspection

Number of visits: Date:2011年8月15日 18:23

    Ningbo Chamber of Commerce organized a group to Malaysia for inspection with the company of Zhuang Xiaotian, President of Chamber of Commerce, Lai Zhenyuan, Standing Vice-chairman and President of Group Company and Sun Jia, Secretary General from May 16th to May 20th. During this inspection, they not only communicated with a Malaysian listed company, Malaysia and Pacific Corporation, on plots exploration cooperation in development zone of Iskandar Ismail, Malaysia, but also went to XinShan Iskandar development region for a field survey.


This is the picture of all the members of the survey team,the fourth from the right is Mr.Zhuang, the chairman of the Ningbo Chamber of Commerce.the fifth from the right is Mr.Lai, the chairman of the board,he first from the left is Mr.Dai, the general manager of the branch office in Malaysia

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