Cultural Concept

NPC vice chairman of the inscription for my company:
Honesty,Serve Society

Business Tenet:

Serve Society

Business Goals:

Create a first class environment, build a first-class team, carry out first class management and provide first-class services

Corporate Spirit:

Dedicated, Pragmatic, Creditable, Progressive

Business Philosophy:

Build up business by virtue of quality assurance, improve project and service quality and carry out excellent projects

Corporate Slogans:

Build a Well-known Brand, Carry out Fine Projects, Conduct Effective Management and Provide First Class Products and Services

Staff Creed:

Behave First, Work Second, Honest in Behavior, Creditable in Work

Quality Policies:

Seek for excellence by effective management, manufacture good products by quality assurance and build up reputation by first-class services

Service Philosophy:

We give priority to quality, safeguard integrity and provide cost-effective services.

Management Characteristics:

        Since serving as a construction enterprise in Shanghai City for twenty years, our company has taken the lead in various overall appraisals in Shanghai City, which rests on our corporate culture construction and breakfast meeting system.

        Our company has persevered in holding breakfast meeting for 10-odd years at 7:30 a.m. Although he is seventy years old, Board Chairman Lai Zhenyuan who attends the breakfast meeting in all weather sets an example to our staff. At the breakfast meeting, Lai hears working reports from deputy general managers, generalizes yesterday’s work, and assigns tasks. After breakfast meeting, our departments will hold department meetings and convey the spirit of the breakfast meeting and assign jobs, enhancing cohesion, boosting competitiveness and beating off competition.